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Chok Mena Fishing Tours

Deep-sea fishing is very popular off the shores of Phuket. Chok Mena is owned and operated by a local fisherman who knows his way around the islands surrounding Phuket. Chok Mena knows where, when and how to find the good fishing locations. By organizing your fishing tour directly through Chok Mena, you will have an enjoyable day at a competitive, local price.

Chock Mena Fishing Boat Lucky catch Happy sword fish fishermen

Some price examples:

Private boat to fishing or nonfishing to Similand islands:
2 Days 1 Night: 38,000 Baht
3 Days 2 nights: 51,000 Baht
4 Days Up price per day: 18,000 Baht

Private boat to fishing day tour:

1-4 Pax 11,000 Baht
5-7 Pax 12,00 Baht
8-10 Pax 13,000 Baht
11-15 Pax 14,000 Baht

Private boat for night fishing:

1-4 Pax 12,000 Baht
5-7 Pax 13,00 Baht
8-10 Pax 14,000 Baht
11-15 Pax 15,000 Baht

Catch of the day The Fishing Boat

Chok Mena Fishing Tours
54 M.4 Viset Rd
Rawai beach
Phuket 83130

Tel.: +66-76-333 197
Fax: +66-76-331 021
Hand phone: +66-89-891 5757


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