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Established in early 2004 to provide a one-stop ‘Smart Home’ service for luxury properties, H3 Digital was founded by a family team with a passionate interest in the application of technology in the home. Our Smart Home systems guarantee the very highest levels of quality with stylish designs and ease of use.

Smart Homes

Smart Home technology controls the environment within your home by automating the lights, blinds, electrical appliances, audio and security systems to make your home more comfortable and safe to live in.

H3 Digital design, supply and install a system called KNX (pronounced Konnex) by Gira, it is the most popular smart home system in the world, with over 3 million installations. The Gira system features very high quality designs that are elegant and modern, a whole range of sockets and switches are available so that your whole home is an aesthetic match.

Smart Home systems by Gira make it easy to automate blinds and curtains Gira Smart Home Automation Featuring KNX

KNX is the only system that complies with the requirements of the European (EN50090) and the International (ISO/IEC 14543) standards for Home Automation. It is fully backwards and forwards compatible so offers a level of future proofing not found elsewhere, the system is modular allowing you to add new smart home features to your house at a future date.

Stylish Smart Home designs accentuate the beauty of your house Home Automation by H3 Digital

Energy saving can be achieved through the use of automatic lighting controls, daylight sensors and presence detectors, ensuring that energy is not expended in unnecessary situations. For instance making certain that lights aren’t left on when there is sufficient daylight in the room, or that lighting, air-conditioning and fans can automatically turn themselves off when a room is empty for a period of time.

Multi Room Audio

Audio systems for multiple areas in the home that are hidden away and either hand-held controllers (Sonos) or in-wall keypads (Nuvo) are used to discretely turn the music on, choose the music selection and adjust volume in each room. Music can be kept on a digital server, allowing thousands of albums to be accessed, with each room being able to control their music individually. We prefer to use in-ceiling speakers where appropriate to keep the illusion of an invisible music system available throughout the whole house, outdoor areas and even in the swimming pool (with underwater speakers).

H3 Digital are the exclusive representatives in Thailand for two of the hottest multi room audio systems available;


The Sonos Digital Music System is sleekly designed, its wireless, colour-screen remote allows you to access all of your music from anywhere in the house, easily expandable (to as many as 32 rooms) it features a powerful 50 watts per channel, which provides an audiophile quality sound, described as tight and controlled. For many the most impressive aspect of the system is that you have your entire music collection and the ability to listen to it anywhere in your home, at your fingertips. The controller features a click-wheel and operates in a very similar fashion to an iPod, anyone familiar with an iPod can pick it up and instantly feel right at home. What Sonos have really brought to the table though is the opportunity for anyone to enjoy multi-room audio, even if their home hasn’t been previously wired for sound.

The award winning Sonos music system, available exclusively through H3 Digital Sonos multi room audio system

The Controller is the perfect size to sit in your hand, its weatherproof, sturdy yet comfortable, incorporating a sensor that detects light changes to illuminate buttons and automatically wakes up when you pick it up. .It features a simple layout with a large colourful screen providing an intuitive interface and simple, yet powerful functionality. Simply press the “zone” button, select the room or rooms you wish to hear music in and press play. Each room can listen to different music at the same time or be linked together with another keypress so that they all play the same song, album or playlist. Party mode links all zones together, importantly each rooms volume level can still be adjusted to tailor the sound best to each room. Arranging custom playlists, choosing songs, albums and artists is intuitive – picked up easily within a few minutes of playing with the controller.

Choosing and playing songs from your digital song library, adjusting volume and arranging your own personal playlists is just the beginning, once you are comfortable with how Sonos works, it’s time to take advantage of the more powerful features it offers. One of these being the incredible way that the Sonos handles internet radio, hit the internet radio button, scroll down and choose a country, choose a radio station, hit play and instantly you are listening to radio from anywhere in the world.


NuVo brings the advanced technology of superior home sound together with the simplicity of user-friendly design. Their stylish Organic LED keypad designs offer full meta-data feedback from any docked iPod. Simply dock an iPod into any Nuvo iPod dock within the home and every room can browse and play music from that iPod on the keypads elegant digital display.

The Nuvo Grand Concerto wall mounted control pads offer the latest in OLED display with capacitive touch control and feature a familiar iPod interface. Nuvo docking stations can be placed anywhere around the home in both hardwired and wireless options.

Nuvo Grand Concerto by H3 Digital One Touch control for Music throughout the home

Nuvo Technologies recently released the world’s first ENERGY STAR compliant multi-room audio system. The Nuvo Essentia, this iPod compatible, six room audio system features Organic LED keypads and is optimized to use less than 1 watt of electricity in standby mode, 16 times less power than competitors systems.

The award winning Nuvo range also offers a wide range of architectural speakers, for in-wall, in-ceiling and outdoor use.

In-Ceiling, In-Wall and underwater speakers from H3 Digital

Structured Cabling

H3 Digital are the Thai Distributor for SCP’s wide range of structured cabling products. SCP is a USA manufacturer of high quality (US certified) structured wiring products, security, HDMI, fire alarm, direct burial, CCTV, specialized control, audio, HDTV, coaxial and LAN cables. SCP also manufactures accessory products to complement its cabled goods: structured wiring panels; structured wiring modules; CAT5E & CAT6 patch panels; HDMI splitters and HDMI distribution hub; F, BNC & RCA compression connectors; Keystone and Decorator style wall plates; miniature video balun; cable organizers; installation accessories and installation tools.

Eco Friendly

H3 Digital are a green company, we are increasingly involved in promoting energy saving and eco friendly technology. Working in conjunction with a prominent UK energy efficiency expert, to design and install Smart Home systems that realize up to 60% savings from homeowners monthly electricity bills. We believe it’s a win-win situation, energy efficient technology costs no more than its unfriendly counterpart, saves our clients substantial money on their energy bills and helps preserve the Earths precious resources.

To ensure that your Smart Home will be future proof, features only the very best technology and doesn’t waste energy – contact H3 Digital for a consultation.

H3 Digital
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