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Surin Beach

Surin Beach in Phuket, ThailandA kilometer north of Laem Sing Beach lies the popular Surin Beach. As of now this beach has not been developed and it is a quiet and peaceful bay lined with a row of stately Casuarina trees.

A tropical beach with pine trees rather than palm trees may seem out of place to many but the local Thais flock to this beach on weekends and holidays and bask in the shade provided by these unusual trees.

The middle of the beach front is occupied by a dozen Thai beach-style mini restaurants serving up sizzling seafood to hungry visitors. Surin Beach is usually the second stop on the north beach safari and a good place for lunch because the next beach stop does not serve food.

Suring Beach in Phuket, ThailandSurin is the home of Phukets first golf course, a nine-hole course laid out more than sixty years ago during the reign of King Rama VII. It is now largely in disuse except as a park.

For the careful swimmer Surin offers some good snorkeling opportunities at both ends of the beach but during the rainy season their us turbulent water and large waves that make it dangeuorus to swim here, and the water visibility is not very good.

During high tide when the swells are big and running swiftly good surfing conditions exist here and is becoming an increasingly popular sport. There are no vendors renting surf boards at the beach yet but that may change in the future.

Good surfing conditions can make for hazardous swimming and care must be taken with children and non-swimmers.


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