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Thai Boxing in Phuket

Thai Kick Boxing or “Muay Thai” is the most internationally recognized sport in a form of Thai martial art reflecting Thai history and culture. The popularity of Muay Thai is increasing over the world, when you can study from the book and watch specially made DVD about it. But wouldn’t it be better if you obtain real training in the actual situation from its original country, Thailand? Furious punches, crushing elbow strikes, lethal kicks, artful trick and so on… are all what you need to learn in the right way from the professional trainers. Book or DVD may seem being of more help in terms of practicing but not at the start. You don’t want to hurt yourself for sure before you become a Muay Thai expert, do you?

As a matter of fact, Muay Thai rules are different from the western style. Let’s notice at the start of the pre-fight dance aka “ram muay”, the boxers wear head bands and start dancing along to the special Muay Thai music, and it’s about the respect for the teachers when they do “wai kru” in Muay Thai styles. The match consists of 5 rounds with 3 minutes each.

Phuket offers several Muay Thai boxing training programs at any level from basic training to certification, and equipment is also available – full size twins rings, speed bags, long bags, ropes, and etc. Muay Thai is getting more popular for all kind of people, young or old, local or tourists, men or women. Everybody comes to learn the sport and get to train for a fight. Most of the gyms also conveniently facilitate with on-site accommodation at low cost and some offers a great package deal of stay and train.

Strength, effectiveness, power, balance, self-defense, endurance and flexibility… is what Muay Thai is all about. So should you love Muay Thai but want to get more involved than merely feeling the splatter of the boxers’ sweat hitting you at ringside, you can also arrange for Muay Thai Kick Boxing lessons from the champions. Phuket-Guide recommended some of the top camps/gyms in the area.
“Get started before you get beat up…”

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